Friday, January 15, 2010

Isaac's first Zoo Trip

Yesterday we went to the Singapore Zoological Garden with Alviss and his mommy this morning.  We were suppose to meet other mommy from a meetup group but we were late becos we couldn't get a cab.  So we had to take a slow stroll down to the kidz world ourselves.  This picture is taken just outside the entrance next to the Ah Meng's Cafe and Ben & Jerry's.

a group photo before we start our journey to kidz world

our first stop for a photo shot

"can you see the hippo behind me?"

More picture can be view at my facebook

We went pass several other venue like the Australian Outback, the Elephant Show, saw some penquins and sealions finally we reach Kidz World.  There we had our lunch and the kids have a dip at the water theme park. 

and around 2:30pm we finally head back to the main entrance to catch a cab back home.

All of us were tired but we all enjoyed ourselves so it was a good trip for us.

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