Friday, January 29, 2010

Bring back fond memories!

Yesterday, I brought Isaac back to where I grew up.   I heard they are going to tear down most of the flats and the whole area is going for a revamp.  While walking around the place brought back lots of wonderful memories.   The swimming pool I used to go with my friends and cousin P.  The playground that I used to play, it is in the middle of our flat and from our flat we can see the whole playground.  I used to call my dad from our kitchen window when I see him coming home from work and see mom having taichi there. 

Picture of mom and my son
I have walk this road more than a million times.

The swimming pool that I used to go
I used to wait for my friends here, The playground is on top the stairs.
My favourite playground up in the centre of our flat.
The playground I used to spend many hours at has been revamp - the swing, the roundabout and several other play items are no longer around..
This is where I used to stay.  The RC is still around and the auntie and uncle is still siting downstair the Senior Citizen area.

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Jean said...

Regina, how sad they are going to tear all that down.. it still looks good, but I am so glad you were able to take your grandson there and take some pictures... it is so sad when they do things like that and call it progress... sounds like distruction to me..