Thursday, February 11, 2010

So how did my week went?

So what have you been doing this week? Chinese New Year is round the corner and yes my week from Monday was a really busy week for me.  Although we will not be having any festive decoration at home but we will still have our reunion dinner with the whole family and lots of goodies for friends and relative who are visiting us.

So how did my week went? On Monday was chatting with July about about how beautiful her handmade journal was.  She told me it was pretty easy to do so I decide to buy the material and have her come over to my place to teach me to handmade them. 

We went to Laines followed by Art Friend and bought all the materials needed and she came over to show me how to put together a journal.  After she went home I found some lovely materials that I have bought previously to sew my bags and made up these 2 lovely journals which I will be using to journal about my son.

You can also visit her blog to see all the lovely art piece that she is creating from time to time.  Thank you  July for showing me how to handmade these lovely journal.

Yesterday I went with Endina, Alviss, my mom, Isaac and Melissa to IMM to do some last minute shopping, bought some stuff for Isaac put some of my sample stock at some of the children retail store for their consideration.  We came home and all were so tired had a afternoon nap and made some cards which are going for sale this coming March.

Today we went over to 2nd auntie place at Bedok to pick up our traditional "Nian Gao" or sticky cake which is one of my favourite will take some picture of it.  This cake is different from the rest selling in the market cos it's got lots of different nuts in it and it's really yummy.  Isaac had a fun time having cheese cakes and playing with the dogs.  Met up with my friend Fiona for lunch and gave her this little 6" x 6" journal and I am glad she likes it too!

So much for this week, will be busy preparing for the coming CNY.  Thank you for visiting my blog.  I wish everyone a very Happy n Prosperous Tiger New Year

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itsaworkofart said...

hey!! Regina, thanks for the shout out!! anyways, looks like you're having fun creating more 'sweet-looking' journals!
see, i told you it was Easy!!
hope to meet up with you again and see what more creative artsy stuff we can do together.
Luv : July