Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunny Monday!

It's 3rd week of September and the weather here is really hot!  
Last week were a fun week becos it's school holidays for the children.  Went out with my nieces, had fun meeting my friends, doing up some scrapbook pages and made some cards, meeting up with friends who are teachers and attended a workshop at Laines.  This week everyone is back to school and I'm also back to my routine.

The final shipment of my first scrapbook kit called the "Racial Harmony Kit" finally arrived early last week.  We've designed this scrapbook kit theme to shows the different races in Singapore.  We used the different cultural symbols or icons to design the different patterned papers and illustrates 3 sets of boys and girls from the 3 different races (chinese, malay and indian).  We had so much fun the last 2 months teaching the new citizens in Singapore to create scrapbook pages with the is kit for themselves and little scrapbook pages of encouragement for 3 local Children Homes in my neighbourhood.  Last week we brought the little album that were finished by the new citizens to the Homes and conducted a short scrapbook session for the children and they had so much fun doing their pages.

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