Thursday, July 17, 2008

Simple Layout

I wanted to complete some 12" x 12" layouts for my album so I used some Blueyedezines latest patterned paper to create this 12" x 12" page. I cut out 2 flowers put some glitter on the flowers and used it as embellishment for my layout - something simple to complete.

The dog in the picture is "Raffles" - he is a very gentle and kind dog. He is no longer around so this is the last picture I took with him. I remember the first time saw him during my stayed at my friends place in Sydney, I was very scared of him cos he is such a huge dog. Becos I am so afraid of him he were not allowed into the house for the period I were staying there. One evening while we were playing game in one of the room I saw him peeking into the room to see what we are doing - he was such a gentle and sweet he did not run into the room which some dogs will, he just stayed outside the room and look!

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