Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our KL Trip

We wanted to go to the Genting Highlands on the 1st May but due to the May Day holiday most of the tickets were sold out leaving only the late afternoon tickets which ended up we decided to leave on the 2nd May to KL and spend 2 days there eating what we love.

As usual we stayed at our favourite hotel "Royal Bintang". We like to stay there because there's a food street "Jalan Alor" just opposite the hotel and there were plently of yummy food which are availabe till late at night.

Wanted to visit Scrap N Crop but she went back to her hometown. Guess we can only meet up on my next trip.

Although we only had 2 days at KL we visited most of the places we wanted to visit and eat the yummy food that we love.

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